Masturbation tip #10 experimenting with your toy


Many women I know have some form of rabbit/dildo and the most common complaint I hear is that it’s not quite hitting the spot they want it too.
Well here’s some advice for you, treat your new toy like you would a new man. You have to work out what works for you, each toy varies in shape/size/width just as a new man does so working out which part of you it stimulates best is key.
Whether you lay back and enjoy it’s many different settings or try mounting your toy and riding it I guarantee experimenting with different positions will ensure your valuable toy gives you the pleasure you deserve.


Sex life got stale? Here’s some sexy tips.


Sorry I’ve been quiet lately as with most life has been catching up with me.
I wanted to share a little technique with you that is fairly simple but guaranteed to get your sex life buzzing if things have got a little stale.
It really is a simple as not wearing knickers, a few times lately when going out for dinner/drinks or even for a walk I have left my knickers at home. At an unexpected moment I lean into my partner and just let him know I’m not wearing any, the thrill of knowing he can feel my pussy through my clothes gets him aroused and ready to feel me as soon as he possibly can.
Try it and let me know if it worked!
I’ll update you with more tips and techniques very soon.

Use your feet to fulfil his needs



Today let’s discuss foot job techniques.
Mine may not be the best but it’s something that proves to work, which is all we care about really!
This is an ideal way to arouse your partner whilst in the bath without all the water spilling over the sides so here we go:

– Whilst sat face to face with your legs entwined bend your legs slightly so that the sole of your feet can easily cup his cock.

– I like to start by using my toes, placing them at the point where his shaft meets his balls and running them up to the tip.

– When he starts to get aroused change the technique to using the sole of your foot, carry on rubbing up and down his shaft.

– Finally join your toes and heels together allowing his penis to sit in the curve of your sole, this is when you get faster, firmer and finally make him cum.

If you’ve never tried it give it a go, even if he doesn’t cum it’s a good way to spice things up.
Added bonus.. By sitting in this position whilst in the bath he can see your boobs and pussy whilst you’re doing so, hello hot!

Cupid shot me with his arrow early and now I’m panicking!



Valentines day is fast approaching and truth be told I’m terrified. I’ve been dating him nearly six months now and even cold heartless me has to admit I’ve fallen for him. Our first valentines day, the pressure is on!
He’s the kind of guy that probably won’t even mention the day and it will flutter by causing me more anxiety than I realistically thought possible, this is my problem!

I’m a romantic kind of girl, a poem writer, not a soppy I love you poem but a poem that would mean something between him and I but yet I feel this will just make me look stupid rather than endearing. Readers I ask you should I still go ahead?
Then there’s the issue of his what I assume will be ignorance on this day, it is not that I’m a girl expecting flowers, cards and all those money marketing schemes but more just a ‘let me spend the day with you, I’ll run you a bath’ that readers would be more than satisfactory to fill that gap that valentines day creates in a girls heart. Despite knowing I should accept now that he will do nothing of the sort I can’t help but have a glimmer of hope that he might surprise me, damn I hate the pressure this made up holiday puts on people.

How to play with his balls because they love it, when done right


Today’s topic is your mans balls because I’m fed up of hearing they get no attention so, I’m attempting to educate you with why they should!

1) Gently caress the balls
This is ideal at the beginning or straight after he’s cum. Take your hand and make sure you cup it around both balls then use your fingers simultaneously in a slow come over here motion (if you imagine giving someone the hand gesture to come over to you when they can’t hear you) whilst making sure you keep them cupped, it’s a great way to begin or end a good session!

2) Tug a little
Don’t ever forget just how sensitive this area is so make sure you don’t over-do it, whilst doing tip no.1 as things start getting heated up start to combine it with gently tugging on his sack.

3) Suck, suck, suck!
I hope by now you’re giving him head, if not then read my previous posts as to why that should happen! Anyway, tip number three is whilst giving him a blow-job take a break for a moment and suck on his balls. Don’t be shy! Get them in your mouth and suck but, again make sure it’s gentle! If your man can take a little pain then suck a little harder it will give him that pleasure but pain sensation which can drive him a little wild.

4) Don’t forget them.
Even whilst giving a blow-job make it normal practice to massage the balls with your spare hand whilst sucking on his shaft, I haven’t had a guy complain, yet, whilst doing this! But obviously mix it up, don’t just be massaging his balls in the same routine every time otherwise he will expect it and just get bored, the key is the element of surprise.

Good luck and happy playing!

Masturbation tip #9 immediate release is not always the best release.


So you’re incredibly horny and just want to relieve yourself, yeah that’s incredible and works well as a general rule but from time to time try this…
Play with yourself until you’re close to finishing but then stop, get distracted, do something different and then a little later do the same again. Repeat this a couple of times until finally you can’t take no more and have a nice intense orgasm or if with a partner they can come home and finish you off.
It works wonders, trust me. I love masturbation.

Pubic hair problems, shave or natural?


As a woman of the twenty first century I’m sure you’ll understand my dilemma of ‘what style is best?’ So I want to know from both female and male readers of my blog exactly what you like and why?
I know women with a bush that feel embraced, womanly and adult. I can understand as that’s what’s natural and a sure sign of adulthood.
Then there’s a particular style, landing strip, triangle etc. I’m a personal fan as it’s not all hairy making you feel neat and tidy but without feeling bald.
Finally there’s our modern preference of bald, completely and utterly bald with nothing at all. I’ve been there and tried it. Of course it has it’s advantages (apparently men love it for cunnilingus) but I can’t help but feel a little childlike.
Of course there is nothing sexier than a woman confident with herself but what is it that you find sexy and why? Get in touch!